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Hairloss - what to do?

Varga´s herbal haircure: natural way to treat hairloss 

Treatment with hormones isn´t always necessary

Many people are suffering from hairloss. No matter which gender the persons concerned are not feeling comfortable with it and may even feel unwell to go out. It seems, that the hairloss is an untreatable and irreversible process. But indeed there are several things you can do. 

But not all persons who are suffering from hairloss want to take pills with hormones because these method is effecting the whole body and the whole body is changing. You also don´t know for sure wether your body is tolerating the hormone pills or wether the side effects are worth it to get your hairfollicle back to work. 

Exactly this is the reason why Varga invented its products. We wanted to create a product which is evading this way to affect the whole body at the expense of the general health while it is one of the most effective products on the market. All products are free from any hormones or preservative substances. 

All our products are made of herbals in a perfect mixing ratio, which causes an reenforcement of the single ingredients with themself.   

Varga´s Hairlotion

Varga´s hairlotion is one of the most famous products of the sortiment. Since years people are using it to treat their hairloss and to prevent even getting it. The product contains 19 different herbals in a perfect mixing ration. The ingridients are highly concentrated to give your hairfollicle the ressources they need to work.

- 19 different herbal extracts in high concentration
- perfect mixing ratio
- first visible effects usually after already 2-4 weeks of                     treatment
- regular application protects your hairs from daily                 influences and avoids brittle hair in the same way like                                                                                   hairloss

                                                             Specially recommended for people suffering from:

                                                            - brittle hair because of daily influences (e.g. styling spray, hair colouring                                                                                                                                                              etc.)
                                                            - women: after giving birth
                                                            - women: in menopause
                                                            - women/males: stress-induced hairloss
                                                            - women/males: bad alimentation
                                                            - males: genetic-induced hairloss
                                                            - males: general Alopecia and lot more

Not sure wether the product is the right one for you? Don´t hesitate and ask our support:                                                                                                                                                            


Varga´s hairstrengthening lotion

Varga´s hairstrengthening lotion is the best way to give your hairs                                                                     more strength to resist the daily influences while keeping their                                                                           volume. 21 different herbal ingridients highly concentrated in a                                                                          perfect mixing ration is the flagship in strengthening hair.

A few days of application and your hairs will thank you. It can be used as a perfect addition to the Varga hairlotion to avoid hairloss while getting your present hair thicker and more powerful. 

- 21 different herbal ingridients
- special mixing ratio provides an Active-Agent to Active-Agent effect for even more effectness
- first effects are usually already after 2 weeks of application visible
- specially recommended for long hairs

Varga´s antihairloss Shampoo


  •  19 different herbals are giving your hair the ressources  needed 
  •  daily usage avoids hairloss and can treat present hairloss
  •  highly compatible with sensitive hairs and sensitive skin
  •  one of the most economical shampoos on the market

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